How To Fix Outlook Not Syncing To Gmail lssue?

We all know about outlook application very well. it is often used for managing the emails and calenders offline on your computer or smartphone. You can easily add any email account on this application and start using it immediately.

But when you try to add the gmail account on the outlook application. Sometimes, the application might not be able to sync to to the google server. due to which, you may receive send and receive error on the application. 

Talking about the root cause for such problems, Generally this kind of problem occurs because few reasons. which are listed below. 

1. Invalid Login Credentials. 

2. Server informations are invalid. 

3. No internet on the devices. 

4. Security programs are blocking the computer. 

When such kind of problem occurs on the application. you should not be worrying about anything. just make some changes into your phone or computer. 

Update the login credentials- 

Whenever outlook won't connect to gmail account. You should update the google login credentials on the application. most probably, the outlook application is trying to sync with the server via wrong information. that's why it won't sync. 

To update the settings, you need to click on the files and then press the account settings button. now push the account name and then press the edit or change account button. 
Here, you can the login credentials and press the next button. 

Update the server information too- 

Once you update the login credentials, next thing, you need to do is, update the server information too. there might be something wrong with the outlook server settings. that's why outlook won't  sync to the mail account. 

You can go to the account settings again and press the change button. Now remove the current server settings from the outlook and update them with these settings. 

Imap - 993

Pop - 995

SMTP- 465

Talking about the encryption mode, you should always be on. 

Check the internet settings- 

If account settings are correct but it still won't connect to the gmail account. You should check the internet settings on the device. probably, the internet settings are incorrect. 

Or there might be a proxy enabled on the device. so you should disable the proxy settings and then retry to access the account again. 

Also, you may try to log in the gmail account on the browser by logging into the phone .

Check the security settings - 

After changing these settings if outlook is still not syncing to the webmail. you should change these settings. 

Enable third party application- Please go to the security settings on the my google account and press the security button. now enable the less secure app.

Disable the vpns- If you are using any kind of VPN programs on the phone or computer, you should remove that immedietely. 

Correct the time and date- If time and dates are incorrect, you will get the ssl error. in such case, you have to remove the current phone and then retry to access the webmail again. 

So these are the settings to change. in case, if you are getting some kind of other errors. you may visit askprob for more help.